Bottom up approach for Healing Trauma

May 24, 2021

"It just keeps getting better! It really does! I'm having the best sex of my life. He goes down on me every time & makes my pleasure a priority & I fucking love it. I'm here for it! I've been making so much money at work. YES! Obviously, the pleasure and money go hand in hand. It's INSANE to see it all play out! It's been so divine, so pleasurable. I'm putting myself first . It's magic. Thank you for existing. Thank you for helping me unlock all of these things." - SJ 


Receiving messages like these from my Goddess Embodied clients is everything 🙌🏻💦

These women who get on my table are warrior goddesses who go deep into the shadows to come out on the other side.

It’s serious work! And serious play!

**The way you show up in the bedroom is the way you show up in every other area of your life**

The people around you learn how to treat you, your body & your yoni based off of how you treat yourself, body & yoni.

Trauma lives in the body.

Working with a bottom up approach (body based) is when real transformation happens.

Real remembrance.
Real truth.
Real knowing.

Real love.

I have ONE spot that just opened for in person/virtual somatic work! Message me to snag it ☀️

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