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Sep 27, 2022

When you start moving your body in new ways, certain things that were forgotten get ready to be remembered. You *quite literally* stir the stuck shit up & your body starts to purge. Get ready to feel - & to feel DEEPLY.


Yesterday on a 1:1 call with a year long client, she shared "All of this *old* grief is coming up." Memories of both - being abandoned & abandoning others - have been flashing through her awareness. She’s been feeling the loss of loved ones even deeper. HERE'S WHY:


She's been taking care of her body *from the inside out* in ways she has never before.


THAT LOOKS LIKE: Moving her body in ways she hasn’t since before starting & leaving her corporate job. Instead of sitting for hours, she’s walking for hours - in NATURE, not in a gym. She’s started a Pelvic Health Yoga. Class that is bringing new energy & awareness to a region of her body she hasn’t ’been with’


Anything new will bring up old material. Things that involve *in & around* the pelvic bowl, will take the intensity up a notch! HERE'S WHY:


It’s one of the richest, most intelligent areas of our body - with an incredible amount of parasympathetic nerve endings, connected to the popular vagus nerve. HAVE A LOOK-SEE - Click HERE


look how much connection between the vagus nerve & digestion, pelvis, reproductive organs, urinary system, etc.


She’s also started grocery shopping & eating whole foods instead of what’s around..or what someone else feeds her. Instead of coffee in the morning, she’s drinking organic *homemade* bone broth


Not only ALL of this... But she’s taking new, topnotch supplements we’ve added to cleanse & balance her gut flora - responsible for 70% of our immune health.


This client has made A LOT of changes. This is just what I could fit in the graphic 😹

She also couldn’t feel her heart beat when we first started working together…

& on a call last week this bitch bragged about that time she magic school bussed her way down to her heart from her pineal gland - OHkayyy 🧙🏻‍♀️

ANYWAY, you get the point.

Working with the body in these ways, brings up the STUCK-unprocessed-never-felt emotions from the past.

It’s confirmation.

A gift from the Grief Goddess herself.

Cheering you on, letting you know..

You’re on the right path.


Phew 😅

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