big knowledge drop...

Oct 25, 2021

big knowledge drop...


if you are waiting for the clients and money to appear.... 

before you invest, you're living in illusion.


it’s kinda like saying….”i’ll be happy when ______” instead of trusting in your capacity to RECEIVE what you’re working so hard to manifest 😉

your true self knows you gotta be happy (or invest) FIRST…& then the partner x the clients x the wealth will come.

[because through that decision you become the version of yourself that’s a magnetic match to your desires]

your small self? i mean…she means well. but she’s only playing in the 3D.

& the magic of who you are doesn’t live there.

shit gets REAL when you start being LOUDER than the fear voice…the societal projections…& the voice of your dear mother who means well but only wants to keeps you comfortable x safe

read my last post for more on what i’m talkin bout 💃🏼

& get yourSelf into my inbox for more information on Mystery School…because i REALLY want YOU (all of you) IN THE FLESH.

+ let’s be real….you knew you were gonna say yes to this as soon as you read about it 😉 iykyk


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