becoming your own best lover workshop series with Jessica Sirena

Aug 13, 2021

🎤i began a marvelous voice journey w/ @jessica.sirena at the end of last year…

i randomly put a feeler out to my audience for coach recommendations & her sister messaged me!

soon as i saw her work i knew we were gonna vibe 💃🏼

she’s been a guest in the Womb Room & Blissness x Pleasure Mentorship since then, and…

🛁 during one of my bath time journeys, i saw us collaborating for retreats/workshops!

a couple weeks later, we met up in [actual person] Boulder 🏔 & the ideas started flowing out of us.

we present to you…

💎 Becoming Your Own Best Lover, a 3-part Workshop Series, of Potent Practices for Exploring New Realms of Your Sensuality

my pu$$y can’t wait to play with you inside this yummy, feminine container

& to HEAR you loud, proud, & WILD!

first workshop is next Saturday <3

Watch HERE


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