are you in a place of “I WANT THIS” but simultaneously feel hesitation & fear in your body?

Nov 13, 2021

are you in a place of “I WANT THIS” with IN THE FLESH but simultaneously feel hesitation & fear in your body?
maybe there’s thoughts like:

“ i need more foundation first.”
“i know i don’t need to know the how…but I can’t see the how.”
“i’m a content junkie & promised myself i wouldn’t do another program for awhile.”
“i need to have this *in order/complete/sorted out* before I do this.”
“am i really ready for this??”

if you’re feeling any of this is
my invitation for you

is to get out of your head
& back into your body

your heart
your womb
your pu$$y
your truth
your soul

the rest is noise

what would happen…
what would become available…

if you made decisions by following the FEELING of expansion?

the turn on of your pxssy?
the possibility of a new narrative?

if you sit with pu$$y
& really let yourself FEEL her

she will weed out the noise
& give you the courage to follow the call

she will show you what your heart wants…
& you will see the truth behind her desire

this stretch is about BELIEF

belief in the
ability to have it all
keep it all

& lead others to their ‘all’

i stand here
for you
with you

to hold this truth
(especially when you forget)

once you decide & commit to the vision,
the ego stories won’t get you anymore

the ‘how’ will fall into place

all you have to do is keep trusting
& showing up

this is your time for deeper embodiment, your next level of feminine leadership & work in the world.

come get it, sister.

i’m here for your rise.

are you?

we’re getting down to the last couple of weeks for enrollment. & to be frank, your indecision is no longer serving you. how much longer will you let the dagger of indecision cut you?


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