an easy way to gauge just how *ready* you really are to receive the things you say you want

Aug 09, 2021

an easy way to gauge just how *ready* you really are to receive the things you say you want…

stick with me here…

i work with a lot of women who are on the path to more

< more love more freedom more sex more money >

more to all of it

where i see the most ‘wrong’

is in their *waiting game*

because it literally turns into JUST that,
a waiting game, & nothing more

think about it…

what do YOU do when you’re waiting for something or someone?

do you sit at the window wishing they’d get their faster? do you get frustrated because it’s taking too long?

do you forget to play with every other toy (creation) in your home because you’re so fixated on this other new thing coming in?

do you sit on your phone trying to make it go faster?

do you mindlessly fill your time until the thing you really want comes in?

i repeat,
EVERYTHING you have right now

was once the thing you REALLY wanted to manifest & call in

to be *ready* for our manifestations,

is to be *energetically resonant*

this happens by letting everything that is HERE, in the NOW, penetrate us fully

Spirit wants us dripping wet & salivating,
READY to take in more

we can’t be ready if we didn’t even chew the last bite

you are being asked to up level your NOW game, not your FUTURE game

it all happens NOW, because it’s all happening now
even the future ;)

all that love around you? let it in

if you’re looking for a place to DIGEST the GOODNESS in your life, come play inside the Reclamation Project FB Group, I’ve started a bragging thread over there & it’s blasting us open - you can find the link in my bio 💃🏼

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