After Someone Tells Me They Won't Try Submissive, because They'll Have No Power

Jun 12, 2021

We need more submissive womxn because we need more womxn in their full power.

“Surrender is the position of allowing in, of getting filled up, of getting nourished.

Surrender is the position through which we allow all the good & the beautiful & the delightful to enter our spirit.
Live in Surrender if you want to feel replete, if you want to feel the world is beautiful & benevolent.

Live in Surrender if you want the world to enrich & and help you along your path.  

Open yourself up & let other’s mastery enter your system & move you.”

-OM R.

The desire to let go of control is at the base of your feminine heart.

Today’s the last day to apply for LOVE SEX MEN! Hope to see you inside with the other womxn ready for the journey! 💜

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