A Love Song from Your Inner Being

Aug 03, 2021

this song hit me in the gym this morning & it reminded me of our often neglected Inner Being screaming for self-intimacy 😝 (thats what I’ve been calling self pleasure lately!)

these last couple of months w/out IG,

I’ve been re:connecting to mySelf x Truths
as I’ve gifted myself exxtra long juicy self care time 🛁📓🧘🏼‍♀️

(& i have super easy tips for you to try!⏬)

my Higher Self strategically created this ‘break’ so I could go inward & download new operating systems (smart girl she is 😽)

💡spoiler alert: we got them & they’re already rippling out

(p.s. i see SO many of my friends & fellow change-makers going through VERY similar Awakenings - have you noticed that too? industries are changing 💃🏼)

I’ve been sharing the frameworks & perspective shifts that have supported me over on @trppodcast👇🏻

🎙Here are the latest 4 solo’s:

✅ 283: How To Sit With Yourself & What To Do When You Avoid It

✅ 282: Top 10 Current Favorite Self Care Tips + How to Stay In the Field

✅ 281: Trusting Your Inner Knowing When It Doesn't Make Sense, Cancer Season, Changing Paradigms, Your Awakening Journey

✅ 280: How To Trust Your Body's Inner Healing Intelligence, Lessons From A Disabled Instagram Account, Sacred Yes & No

Leave me a ‘👍🏻’ if you’ve been connecting with me over there 🎧 i never know who’s listening unless they tell me 😋

Watch HERE


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