a homeplay practice

Mar 08, 2022

a homeplay practice i offered my 1:1 client last week was a combination of something i created for myself + inspired by a gf 👯‍♂️

*a movement bowl*

grab a bowl. fill it with tiny slips of paper with one written practice per sheet. when you hear your body’s ask for movement, go to your bowl & grab a ticket 🎟 ✨

…you can make it a themed bowl. or general!

i made one for post op: *love i can offer my body that won’t bother my knee!*

(i.e. use my rolling pin to roll my IT band & TFL, yoga blocks to open my heart center, dancing in a seated position, laying on foam roller opening shoulders & chest, castor oil packs for hip, starfish on fluffy rugs!)

love this hack to just get into the body without having to *think* about it 🐆

what will you create a bowl for?! this can be made k!nky for sure 👅

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