A Hack For Better Boundaries

Feb 28, 2021


While I used to really love the idea of boundaries, because they’re incredibly self serving (can you tell I’m a virgo?), I really only loved just that…


the IDEA

The rebel inside of me

loved to play with fire

& loved the drama of:


xx having them & not having them

xx having them & having them be broken

xx having them, letting them be broken & then playing like a pig in shit when the shit storm came


When I dismantled these internal systems,

Awakened these lost parts of mySelf

& found my own agency,


Boundaries became a SPORT.


xx How can I use boundaries to have better relationships?

xx How can I use boundaries to bring more erotic energy in?


I shifted from looking at boundary setting as:


setting boundaries with others


setting boundaries with the Self in RELATION to others


Standing in your Truth isn’t just about Knowing who you are & speaking up.


It’s about the FOLLOW THROUGH.


As you stand in your Truth,

ask yourself:


What boundaries need to be set with Self in relation to others to honor your inner Being?


What needs to be in place to honor that Truth & keep the Self in Integrity?


‘Making boundaries sexy & using them for more turn on in your relationships’ is coming your way tomorrow


See you then



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