7 signs you're ready to *re-wild* & start life-ing with your inner animal

Jan 12, 2023

I was driving today, thinking about the ways I know it’s time for me or my clients to practice.

The body always knows.

But sometimes, even when we KNOW it’s time to practice or to sit with the thing, it feels hard.

It feels too big or too deep.

Or sometimes…its not either..we just want a damn witness.

Someone to hold us so we can go into it fully.

More than one client shared with me a version of this at the end of our sessions this week…

“I’ve been sitting with this for a while. I haven’t felt able to go into it myself. I’m so grateful for this space to process. I feel so clear.”


Don’t you be waiting for me.

Come get what you need.

Last thing we want is you unnecessarily sitting in turmoil suffering or indecision when the support has been here all along 🙃

“I have felt SO amazing since CONGRUENCE. My body feels different, I have this feeling anchored into it 🙏🏼 “

..another client messaged me this afternoon…

*Early enrollment* cheetah special into ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE ends Sunday night - that’ll be the last day to get CONGRUENCE as a free bonus 🥵 & goddess is it worth it way beyond the $333 value

3 ways to invest in ABP: $1333 PIF, 3x $497 or 8x $197 - players choice ✨

Tell me..how do you know when it’s time to unleash your inner beast in a safe space & container? #feelyourfeelings #embodiment #embodimentpractice #inneranimal #rewildyourlife #rewilding #rewild #embodimentpractice #embodimentcoach


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