6 things being an Entrepreneur & Coach for 11 years has taught me:

May 24, 2022

6 things being an Entrepreneur & Coach for 11 years has taught me:

✨when you fuck up, fail, fall, make an a$$ of yourself (‘cause you inevitably will)…get right back up & make it part of your flow 💃🏼

✨if you’re not having fun in the process, what’s the damn point? 🍭

✨practice doesn’t make perfect..but it will certainly make you stronger, more resilient, & you will know your craft in x out with your eyes closed 👀

✨spend time rehearsing your future instead of wallowing in the past - feel the feelings & move forward 👏🏻

✨dance between responsibilities & orga$m before you make your offer 💦

✨follow your heart & pu$$y..abundance, freedom & love are already on their way 😽

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