I believe change happens when something moves.

Dec 31, 2022

I believe change happens when something moves.


When the unmoving becomes flexible.

The stuck parts start to have some level of movement, even the smallest count.


When the aperture of our centers respond & open. 


In somatic work, we play with breathe, sound, & movement.


To create shifts in our energetic, emotional. & physical body. 

We move what's stuck.

We unstick what's not moving.

We help you MOVE.

Into something cellularly different.

when you heal, your cells change. 


In spiritual psychology, there's both the soul line & the goal line. 


Soul line = vertical

Goal line= horizontal


When we evolve on the soul line, we tend to have natural growth on the goal line.

It's an organic byproduct of inner game work.

There is literal movement up or out .


We love to move it move it 🪩💃🏼

I hope all ‘step into your ____’ invitations feel so f*cking expansive now.


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