setting boundaries is the very thing that will keep your heart open

May 16, 2022
setting boundaries is the very thing that will keep your heart open
how can you stay open & protected? 
by setting boundaries that help keep you safe & protected from bullshit noise & negative energy behaviors
what will support you in hitting 6/7 figures as a coach & mentor?
setting necessary boundaries around time, self care, & personal practice. 
how can you feel more free in your life, body, biz & relationships? 
by setting boundaries that honor your process, your pleasure, your potential
it all comes down to boundaries
boundaries will keep the things/people/energies you are no longer available for out of your field, while attracting those meant for you
the KEY to this…

is being embodied.

knowing your body’s signals.
listening for your body’s yes & no.
following your inner knowing.

the maiden doesn’t really do boundaries.

she lives ‘without’ - searching, looking, reaching…saying ‘yes’ to whatever’s in front of her.

while the mother moves slowly.

she takes her time & upholds her boundaries..

because they aren’t there for show, they are PART of her, it’s how she moves in this world & stays in her heart & power.

she’s not MOVABLE.

some would say…ungovernable.

Maiden to Mother is the focus of Month ONE for HUMAN. it was so COOL to see the women inside have the somatic experience of each archetype. from THAT place, it’s embodied wisdom, not just a cerebral understanding of who they are.

this Wednesday, we have our first Rage & Grief Ritual. it’s going to be LOUD, fiery, underworldly, & raw.

you can still join us for the HUMAN, journey, i recommend jumping in now so you can play with us on Wednesday.

message me for details! enrollees get the first 3 months of my upcoming membership for FREE!



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