4 favorite ways to *Become Your Own Best Lover*

Aug 19, 2021

4 favorite ways to *Become Your Own Best Lover*

1 πŸ› feed my sensual blueprint with a hot, cbd, essential oil infused salt bath

2 πŸ’ with their permission, pick flowers on a walk, & sprinkle them around the home in thoughtful arrangements

3 πŸ’‹ press play on my pleasure playlist with some warm coconut oil for a self-gifted full body massage & see where it leads me

4 πŸ’ƒπŸΌ with intention, nibble on some mushrooms, put on a blindfold & lay on my sheepskin rug - letting my body decide what happens next

5 *BONUS* 🎀 vocal warm ups & soul singing,

brownie points for doing it with @jessica.sirena & I…

‼️this Saturday for workshop # 1 of **Becoming Your Own Best Lover…Potent Practices for Exploring New Realms of Your Sensuality**πŸ’« you know where to sign up

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