Women x Collaboration

Mar 31, 2021


This time last year I had a conversation with my coach about collaborating with other women

She was encouraging me to put down my independence a little bit more, to share my spaces with other wisdom givers & light workers

At the time, partnership wasn’t yet fully safe for me

Looking back, I know it was rooted in fear of attachment, trust, & intimacy

I was just dipping my toes in the pond,
& I’m now I’m fully swimming :)

@amylea.co read my astro/HD chart last summer & reflected the opening for deep healing around professional relationships & collabs

Since then, I’ve grown my team into a solid interconnected web of 5 (+ we’ll be hiring soon!)

& I’ve been bringing incredible women into my coaching containers to amplify the magic

For this round of B x P, we’ll have 4 guest speakers sharing their expertise with the group:

Claudia Nanino » Conscious Breathwork

Jessica Siren » Voice Activation

Gilian Pothier » Feminine Submission & Author

TBD* Human Design for Biz

You know where to find the link for their full bios & the rest of the 6 month B x P schedule!

🐆 Enrollment closes Friday 4/2 💫


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