How many deaths does it take to get to the center of you?

Nov 08, 2023

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How many deaths does it take to get to the center of you?

There’s a reason one of the weekend themes for IN THE FLESH is: N A K E D

We are stripping down.

All the noise. All the layers. All the limiting beliefs. All the stories. All the falsities.

The essence of you is what you’ll find here.

There’s 7 retreats inside of ITF Mystery School.

7 initiations.

Every one will hold a death & rebirth.

I planned it this way…

Because nothing will make you a better facilitator than being in/with your own process.

Learning to sit with yourself. Body. Pain. Suffering. Fears. Shadow. Joys. Pleasures. Kinks. Dreams. Quirks. Passions. Love.

From here, you can do it all. You can have & hold it all.

Not from proving. But from Truth.

Embodied Leadership comes from experiential learning.

From this place we are pure Power.

Beyond the ego.

Instead - from the earth, from the body.

From our Knowing. Gnosis.


Come claim your power & bigness as a...

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Healing chronic illness & autoimmune disease w/ an eating disorder history

Nov 08, 2023

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Freedom in your body is possible. What do you want your normal to be? Center self trust, patience, nervous system/somatic work + biochemistry.

Would love to hear your thoughts/ experience

IN THE FLESH Mystery School starts 12.8. We’re 50% filled! Ready to be the mistress of your body & step into Somatic Sex Coaching & Bodywork? Comment ‘ITF’ & I’ll send you the details.

Starting next Wednesday - 4 Week Workshop Series:
We kick off w/ Biochemistry for Optimal Sexual Health & Pleasure on 11/15 @ 630
$30 for the workshop or $100 for all 4 in the series.
Comment ‘SERIES’ & I’ll send you the enrollment link

#AutoImmuneDisease #ChronicIllness #EatingDisorders #AutoImmunity #Immune system #ImmuneHealth #SomaticHealing #GutHealth #Gaps #GapsDiet

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What I'm about to say is really quite polarizing

Nov 07, 2023

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One of the biggest things I see holding us back from FREEDOM in our body - is not knowing the map to our own body system or which tools to use when things ‘act’ up

Self trust needs to be CENTERED for success here

We have to learn to be okay with trial & error, making ‘mistakes’ & non linear timelines, if we want to retrain ourselves to turn WITHIN instead of without.

No one.

No one knows your body better than you, even when it comes to healing in realms you may not yet know much about

I freaking promise you’re your own best healer

I teach on biochemistry so hard adjacent to somatics & sexuality because they actually go hand in hand

& deeply support the others journey.

They both tend to the nervous system.

When we say ‘I don’t have gut issues’ it’s like saying ‘I don’t have trauma’

We all have trauma. We all have gut issues.

It’s inevitable in the world we live & what...

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Erotic Blueprint sensation play item scavenger hunt

Nov 06, 2023

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Come with me on a scavenger hunt for play toys you don’t need to buy‍

Learn more about the 5 Erotic Blueprints™, the 5 states + stages of sexuality, & the 4 obstacles or pathways to optimal sexual health & pleasure…inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School

7 months. 4 in person retreats. Scared sisterhood. Deepening into our soma in rhythm with the earth at @venusvalleyboulder. Personal excavation x reclamation.

All while you learn + embody the skills to become a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker.

Another spot filled today Comment/PM ‘ITF’ & I’ll send you a doc with all the info.

#EroticBlueprints #EroticExpansion #SomaticSexology #SexCoach #EroticEmbodiment #sexologicalbodywork #FacilitatorTraining

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It's okay to be exactly where you are

Nov 03, 2023

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There’s lots of women out there in love with being the housewife & there’s just as many in love with building their own biz’

What if we didn’t have to chose??

(& what if we stopped shaming women for either path?)

I’m building for both.

Tbh there’s been resentment in my system since my partner & I split in ‘having to hold’ all I’m holding.

Because I’m not interested in holding all of this on my own.

Not bc I can’t. I have nothing to prove.

I’m not here for a solo journey. I want to share.

I was for a sec scared I wouldn’t be met here or I’d be too much in my masculine if I stepped into the full ass responsibility of all this

And then I realized oh hi opportunity to show myself more of what I’m made of in a NEW way. An even MORE relaxed abundant supported way.

(As if being this big would make me unloveable. So cute.)

Go be all of it if you want to.

But don’t beat yourself up for...

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The need to have ever piece perfectly set up & in place before you start

Nov 02, 2023

None of it bad/good, right/wrong. Safety feels good ‍

Just needed to say the truth

I used to do this all the time myself. And sometimes still catch myself in this perfection / procrastination loop.

I’m not saying leap yourself into a dysregulated nervous system…

I’m saying needing everything to be perfectly planned out & detailed is part of a dysregulated nervous system.

What if it was good enough now?


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5 signs you need somatic coaching & bodywork

Nov 02, 2023

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It really be like that on the table.

Scars instantaneously unwinded.
Expression miraculously unlocked.
Pussy liberated.

Your body is a psychedelic portal.

Have you tried both? Tell me your experience below

P.S. We have another spot claimed inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School! Celebrating you woman I can’t wait for you to deepen into EXPERIENCE with your sacred vessel.

We start in ONE MONTH!! PM me to learn more & step into leadership as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker.

Clients who join my year long 1:1 get autoentry into ITF‍

#somaticexperiencing #somatictherapy #sexconfessions #sexcoaching #eroticembodiment #aya #plantmedicine #psychedelic #spiritualpsychology

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We don’t need anything outside or on top of ourselves to feel more of who we ALREADY are

Nov 01, 2023

“Wow I thought that was a man at first” said an important male figure in my family when he saw a photo of my newly defined abs at 19

Everything inside of me collapsed & crumbled

Here I was…

Working so fucking hard to achieve the body I thought would have me finally be number one instead of number two

It was in that moment every fear & insecurity about the very small size of my natural breasts became ALL. I. THOUGHT. ABOUT.

And from that moment forward

I told everyone, “I’m getting boobs when I make this bread” (obv from Long Island)

Bet my little manifestor self got them a few years later.

Last night,

I walked by this mirror & recalled that moment as I noticed my abs

No more implants
No more swelling from surgery

Just me

I feel MORE feminine in my body than ever before

I feel my impact influence & affect with men more than I ever have. Cleanly. Not mixed with validation & value & worth. Just clear clean circuitry.

I don’t need...

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Finding ease where you are at

Nov 01, 2023

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Personal (&even financial) freedom comes when we stop making ourselves & body’s wrong for being exactly where we’re at.

This has been my greatest gift to myself.

That ‘ease’ you’re after?

You know, the one everyone is saying is possible alongside pleasure?

That comes when we accept, love & honor the natural seasons & cycles of your being.

Thats when we can meet what’s in front of us & keep leading & growing & evolving into our Highest Expression & Timeline.

If you’re ready to come home to freedom in your body, 2 ways to play - IN THE FLESH Mystery School &/or 1:1 immersions & containers.

Comment ‘BODY’ & I’ll send you details

#periodhealth #womenshealth #wombhealing #wombwisdom #bleed #somaticexperiencing #pleasureactivism

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I value my psychic space & keep that shit clean

Oct 31, 2023

I value my psychic space & keep that shit clean. Why I keep my circle intentional & my energy spent in the right places for me. My life force is expensive

And I’ve spent a lot of years, money, time, energy, blood to unravel systemic, cultural & ancestral belief systems, structures & cobwebs

Truth is, sex is happening way later down my timeline too

What are your thoughts on this?

P.S. IN THE FLESH Mystery School starts 12/8 & we’re open for a few more women. Ready to step into leadership as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker? Comment ‘ITF’ & I’ll send you details.

1:1 immersions & containers: 2 spaces left for the end of the year

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