Re: Getting shit done in life & having major conflict in relationship

Sep 17, 2021

Re: Getting shit done in life & having major conflict in relationship

Is usually ‘easily solved,’ when we start taking off our ceo hat BEFORE getting in front of our partners.

I say ‘easily solved’ because it’s still a practice of leading in love & opening up vulnerably.

A practice of the heart.

The most courageous of them all.

To continue to open up after heartbreak, loss, rejection, abandonment & disappointment.

That’s why the pay off is just as high as the low is low.

It’s a heroines journey to get back up again & chose Love.

Worth every break though - don’t you agree?

Worth every risk too - yeah?

I’m dripping in excitement to lead the women inside LOVE SEX MEN through a journey of forgiveness, devotion & surrender. Their first module drops in 2 weeks! Reach out if you want in on the relationship upgrades

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when's the last time you've held yourself?

Aug 21, 2021

what does it mean to you to be your own best lover?

…a question @jessica.sirena & i opened the *Becoming Your Own Best Lover Workshop Series* up with this morning.

to me, it means:

being there for yourSelf in all moments

> unconditional love, for yourSelf, from yourSelf <

it doesn’t mean i always like it, but it means staying put, even when all i want to do is abandon ship

it’s knowing i am Loving Awareness

& i can love everything, including this - myself in this moment, and the next, and the next

it’s staying true to my desires, my truths, my knowing - even if it means letting everything around me burn to the ground

it’s loving mySelf in every stage, season & cycle

it’s choosing to trust myself & my inner world over the noise around me

becoming my own best lover is bringing pu$$y along for the ride everywhere i go

because in the end…

i know,

she’s got me.

i’ve got me.

tell me your answer below…

(our next...

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struggling with social media

Aug 20, 2021

can i be honest? i’ve really been struggling with social media. i’ve been sharing a lot about this on @trppodcast ever since i got disabled from IG for 2 months bc i spoke about B D S M (i know, the horror)

the more space i get, the more i know i genuinely don’t want to be on this thing anymore.

i miss the way it used to be.

i miss sharing because i wanted to share. i miss the simplicity of sharing my life & seeing you share yours - without censorship, algorithms, & the patriarchy infiltrating every little square (but i guess that was always there;))

i want to connect, with you.

i started on this platform to connect, share, & grow, with Y O U.

my young inner perfectionist doesn’t want to talk about this until she has it figured out

& because she also sees & knows all of the gifts that IG/social has given her over the last decade of biz, especially these last 4years.

she doesn’t want to be resistant to change.
she wants to reframe it...

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4 favorite ways to *Become Your Own Best Lover*

Aug 19, 2021

4 favorite ways to *Become Your Own Best Lover*

1 feed my sensual blueprint with a hot, cbd, essential oil infused salt bath

2 with their permission, pick flowers on a walk, & sprinkle them around the home in thoughtful arrangements

3 press play on my pleasure playlist with some warm coconut oil for a self-gifted full body massage & see where it leads me

4 with intention, nibble on some mushrooms, put on a blindfold & lay on my sheepskin rug - letting my body decide what happens next

5 *BONUS* vocal warm ups & soul singing,

brownie points for doing it with @jessica.sirena & I…

‼this Saturday for workshop # 1 of **Becoming Your Own Best Lover…Potent Practices for Exploring New Realms of Your Sensuality** you know where to sign up

Watch HERE

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first time energetic orgasm

Aug 18, 2021

posted on my story but my joy was too big not to share! did you know my 1:1 coaching is open? ready to get outta ya head to embody your powerful wise pu$$y power?

i brag my clients have energetic orgasms for the first time!

i brag they report feeling more open, at peace, relaxed, & in trust with themselves then ever before!

i brag my clients triple their income when they reconnect with their erotic potential!

i brag they go off to have epic sex, deeper friendships, radical self love, build bigger brands, & have a hell of a lot more fun doing it!

it’s all possible for YOU!

YOU can have it ALL!

application for 1:1 coaching- both virtual x in person - is in my bio!

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the tissue that’s inside of your mouth is the same as the tissue inside of your yoni

Aug 17, 2021

my little girl wanted to be a singer for as long as i can remember.

i was always playing pretend with my karaoke machine…

or searching for instrumental versions of my favorite songs to record on Photo Booth (and replay years later for extreme laughs)…

tbh, not much has changed! ;P

except for the connections i’ve made with my body & voice over the last 4 years since starting my deep dive into somatics & sexuality!

radical [mostly unknown] truths:
the tissue that’s inside of your mouth is the same as the tissue inside of your yoni
there’s a direct connection from your womb to your heart
the more we come home to our bodies, the more we drop into our authentic truth & SHARE it
as we heal & open our sex, we heal & open our voice

this means…


(Literally, connected to our $money$)

try embodiment practices that open your voice to support you on your journey in rising to your Highest Goddess

for a guided journey,...

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sharing potent practices to explore new realms of your sensuality while opening your ***throat, heart & sacral***

Aug 17, 2021

Becoming Your Own Best Lover w/ @jessica.sirena

if you have trouble accessing your voice - setting boundaries, making sounds (especially during s3x), asking for your needs/desires, being in your authenticity, speaking to your audience…

& are looking to clear that throat chakra,

join us @jessica.sirena, this Saturday for our *virtual* workshop series Becoming Your Own Best Lover

we’ll be sharing potent practices to explore new realms of your sensuality while opening your ***throat, heart & sacral***

Watch HERE

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starting fights when they get too close

Aug 16, 2021

starting fights when they get too close

…a snippet from LOVE SEX MEN’s Q x A!

a relatable piece on how to be with the part of yourself that wants to create chaos in relationship when things feel ‘too good’

as if there’s a thing — just another way they try to keep us in the matrix

p.s. there’s 2 things open for enrollment right now…

Becoming Your Own Best Lover **Virtual** Workshop Series w/ @jessica.sirena — first one is this Saturday!

Goddess Embodied - 1:1 somatic x sex coaching **virtual & in person options**

link for workshop enrollment & 1:1 application is in bio

Watch HERE

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your POWER is in your PU$$Y!

Aug 16, 2021

your POWER is in your PU$$Y!

come play with vocal coach @jessica.sirena & I in Becoming Your Own Best Lover, a 3 part workshop series — first one is this Saturday!!

we’ll be sharing potent practices to explore new realms of your sensuality to magnify your power & orgasmic capacity

check the last post for details! all links are obv in bio :)

Watch HERE

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a personal journal practice

Aug 15, 2021

our life, the ceremony
our daily experience, the ritual
our body, the temple

we, are the psychedelic experience

swipe for a journal practice i’ve been finding freeing…

starting a page in the morning with:

“thank you
i love you
i’m sorry
please forgive me”

appreciations, & then

“i am…”

until i feel complete

& then adding throughout the day as i have new encounters

what fun journals prompts have you been playing with? i’d love to try them!

have a pleasure filled sunday xoxx


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