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Hey there, sweetness ;)


Did you just cringe when I said that?

I know the previous me would have!


I used to link sweetness to weakness.

And in my younger-minded-self,

sweetness was what women were.



See, growing up,

I thought *femininity* was all about



taking a back seat to the man of the house,

& giving away all of my power.


“Um, no thanks. I’ll pass.”


So, at some point in my younger years,

when I should have been happily playing with

dolls, dresses & my Britney Spears albums,


I made the decision to reject my feminine.


I thought it was safer that way.


Q: Have you ever felt that?



I figured…

“Okay, if I want to make it in this world, and actually put a dent in it, I better HARDEN UP


Ex 1 - Kids at school make fun of girly girls.

*Note to self: Never let your inner diva out.*


Ex 2 - Besties turn on each other left & right.

*Note to self: Girlfriends betray you, reveal all your secrets, & at some point, will probably f*ck your hard-core-crush-of-a-prom-date. Don’t trust them.*



Ex 3 - Boys socially humiliate x abandon the annoying, emotional girl of the friend group.

*Note to self: Don’t show your emotions if you ever want to get a boyfriend.*

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I picked up on both the subtle & in-your-face messages that say…


» Be loud, but not too loud.
» Be skinny, but not too skinny.
» Be successful, but not too successful.
» Be sexy, but not too sexy.




Be *whatever you want to fill in the blank with*, but not too *whatever you just filled in the blank with*.


I saw the messaging on every gift shop kitchen towel

& episode of Everybody Loves Raymond (did you watch that with your parents, too?) depicting women as:

» too much
» emotional
» great at nagging
» the buzzkill


…that periods were icky & something to beware beware beware of.


*(Side note: men are not spared by the sitcom satire.

But let's face it, you’re here for the matriarchy.)*




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I didn’t yet understand that Awakening my Divine Feminine

would in fact give me MORE.


more of everything I wanted, and was so blindly chasing.


More of the love x union I was craving in relationship.

More of the acceptance x belonging I wanted from friendship.

More of the success x financial freedom I wanted in my business.

And more of the impact & power I saw in leaders.



What I didn't realize...


was that leading from my feminine

would allow me to do all of these things

& YES, you guessed it -- MORE.


…Things I didn’t even think were possible.

Manifestations I didn’t yet know I was worthy of,

let alone had the ability to CREATE.



I was unaware that by trying so damn hard in every area of my life,

things were actually working AGAINST me.


I was creating so much

» resistance, doubt, fear & judgment « was showing up in my physical body as


» tight, heaviness in my chest

» a closed, armored heart

» pain during S-E-X

» hormonal imbalances that made me feel CRAZY

» sleep issues

» fatigue I thought was only for complainers

» lack of motivation

» weight gain (only for the lazy?)

» hair loss (for the less fortunate?)

» cortisol issues

» period PROBLEMS from every direction

» irritability x mood swings

» INSATIABLE MF cravings


...the. list. goes. ON...

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Not only was my body suffering, but so was my life.


This kind of misalignment - yes, JUST by living in my masculine polarity - created...


» relationship mayhem

» unhappiness no matter what I was achieving

» heightened anxiety

» rigidity

» body obsession

» eating disorders

» tolerance for abusive relationships

» substance abuse

» control issues

» self rejection


...and the opposite of whatever the f*ck inner peace is.

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I experienced what it feels like to be an

Embodied Woman, in her power;

soft but fierce, and ‘turned on’.


I allowed Her to flow through me.

I surrendered to Her magic.


let go of control.


And everything,

for some

crazy, weird,

universally aligned reason,


things just

started to COME TO ME.


Can you IMAGINE?!


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Letting go of the *worry & doubt* to ONLY get
MORE of what you want?!


Come on.” I used to think.


“I know people talk about this being possible.

But there’s still some skeptical parts of me. After all, I’m a New Yorker, okay?”


It was like all of the spiritual teachings about

*Love, Divinity, Compassion & Self Acceptance*

I read were coming to life.


...In MY life.


But, I sh*t you not, it happened.


And it CONTINUES to happen.


...NOT because I’m different from you... 


Or more:

» Worthy.

» Lucky.

» Talented.

» Skilled.

» Born into it.


…or whatever else our small self likes to tell us about

being SEPARATE from the rest.


It’s because it is INHERENTLY mine, just like it is inherently YOURS.


Like it is inherently OURS.

Just by being here, it is ours.


» The love.

» The freedom.

» The friends.

» The money.

» The success.

» The happiness.



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This is what’s on the other side of

Awaken Your Divine Feminine, 8 Week Group Course.





PSA: The Universe wants us to have it all.


Because we deserve it all.

We were born to THRIVE, not just survive.


This life is meant to be *enjoyed, celebrated, surrendered to, & loved.*




…To be in our Knowing.


The knowing of Who We Really Are;

- Divine Beings Having a Human Experience -

Living a life full of *growth x experience x pleasure*


And sis,

PLEASURE is the gift of being a Soul in a body.


It’s the portal to the Divine.


Not only does it allow us to be here, in the NOW,

with this moment...and the next...and the next.


But from pleasure,

we are able to Create x Manifest x Ascend

higher & HIGHER.


With LESS forceMORE ease,

A Heart-Centered Loving Approach.


And a sweet Surrender

into our Intuition

& Body’s Wisdom.


WHO IS Awaken Your Divine Feminine FOR?


It’s for those of us who have known our masculine polarity for the longest.


We’ve spent [too] much time being the DO-er instead of the BE-er.


We know what it means to be successful according to society’s standards;

» to be action-driven

» to follow the rules about what it means to be a 'good girl'

» an independent woman

» a NOT too-much-er.


It’s for the women out there who feel *out of alignment in their body* -- maybe even a little trapped -- but know deep down in their bones there’s so much MORE available.

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You may be [& probably are] experiencing many of the symptoms & struggles I listed up there like:


» hormonal imbalances & irregular, painful period problems

» overwhelm & stress your body hangs onto pretty tight

» it feels like your body is working against you (and maybe even all your efforts towards success)

» obsession with structure & planning (dare I say #controlfreak?)

» armored heart & shut down sexual center

» worthiness ONLY coming from external validation & number of actions taken

» difficulty surrendering into pleasure (you’re pretty in your head during sex x any relaxation)

» can't get out of your head (*no matter how much you meditate*)

» lack of safety in your body & trouble expressing your erotic self

» little to no pleasure in your life (especially self pleasure)

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» difficulty receiving love & help

» boundary setting is HARD or non-existent

» feel tight & tense in your body

» sacrifice yourself for others

» distracts with social media

» put everyone else before you

» overly critical & judgmental (comparison & competition *cough cough*)

» play in victimhood energy

» insecurity, low confidence & unending feels of not-enoughness

» control ‘issues’ (especially with your body & food)

» hella hard time relaxing or sitting still

» codependent relationships

» lack of female friends or sisterhood

» disconnected from your Authentic Self, Power & Purpose

» feel needy in partnership

» pain or numbness during sex

» disengaged or overly engaged with emotions

» experiencing sexual shame & guilt

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...put her hard-earned awareness & personal development work into FULL EFFECT (& stop self-sabotage)


...ditch her perfectionism & the action, outcome driven mentality that’s been leading, to find worthiness in MORE than just her successes. in the sacred relationship, her beloved.


...improve her sex life x self touch to experience HIGH levels of pleasure -- aka be an orgasmic, magnetic woman.


...let go of the wounds of the feminine to open & receive soul sisters that lift & support her rise.


...know, deep in her bones, who she really is -- a divine, ever so deserving Goddess -- ready to show up in the world as her, empowered, free, & fully f*cking expressed.


...dive deeper into her spirituality x life’s purpose, while using sacred sexuality to manifest her deepest desires.


...quit being controlled by the constructs of her mind & the way society tells her to do it and in turn, strengthen her intuition & lead with direct knowing x body wisdom.


...let go of sexual shame x judgment to awaken her powerful erotic self & play BIG(GER) in the world. her heart x yoni for real connection & Love with a partner.


...use her voice, in AND out of the bedroom, to set boundaries x ask for what she wants & deserves in this lifetime.


...release the societal programming & FEAR that's holding her back from becoming the sex goddess she knows she is to show up in the world & create from her unique gifts.


...let go of the voice of the ego (aka get out of her head) & tap into her Highest Self to live out her purpose & potential, in a body she LOVEs.


...come home to herSelf.



While going through this next ‘What to Expect’ section…

I ask you to try it on with FULL BELIEF.


FEEL each of these as possibilities as a Truth for YOU.
Because they ARE.


And we can PROVE it ;)



Leaning into, & leading with, your Feminine

is the beginning of the rest of your life.


It means you get all of the things you’re meant to have in this lifetime with ease, not force.


It looks like falling in love with yourselfALL of yourself.


All of the shadow, the parts that hold shame & struggle.

And most importantly, being in Love with your superpowers -

your sensitivity & emotions.


Being in your feminine is about being in total Trust with yourself & the universe.


» It’s knowing, at all times, the *universe has your back* (& actually believing it).

» It’s choosing yourSelf, time & time again, and being rewarded for the choice.


It feels like being grounded in your center when the rest of the world is in chaos. And you, being so full, can show up in divine service from your overflow.


Awakening your feminine means coming home to yourSelf & your beautiful body.


It means taking your power back & Reclaiming the lost parts of your soul.


When we reconnect to our sensual, sexual selves, we open our heart & throat chakra.


**The same tissue that’s in our YONI
is the same tissue that’s in our THROAT.**


Meaning, the more we connect to our pleasure & womb space, the more we activate our throat chakra.



» authentic expression

» boundaries & communication

» intuitive abilities

» fruition with ideas & visions

» confidence & clarity in our purpose

» higher levels of motivation



**There are direct lines that run from
our YONI to our HEART CHAKRA.**


Meaning, the more we connect to our pleasure & womb space, the more we open our hearts.



» receptivity for abundance

» openness to the gift’s of the universe

» Love we can give & receive

» self realization

» sociability

» sexual assertiveness


Through our yoni’s -- the origin of creation -- we come safely home to ourselves & back to the power of the universe.

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You probably know...

our small self LOVES to come in & help us stay safe - aka, play small.


It tells us things like...


Small self: “Hold up, you’ve gotten this far by doing what you’ve been doing. Just keep doing it.”

*Translation: I know there’s more but I’m scared of change.*


Small self: “I don’t think you’re ready for it.”

*Translation: I’m lacking self trust & I’m nervous to fail if I try.*


Small self: “I’m going to wait until next time.”

*Translation: I don’t yet know I’m deserving.*


Small self: “A course to awaken our feminine? Come on - you don't need that.”

*Translation: I know I’m so MF powerful, I’m actually a little scared of what I CAN create when I do this.*


See how good the ego is at ‘protecting’ us from growth?


The thing to remember is...

The voice will always be there.


It will come knocking on your door, maybe even pounding, when you’re about to stretch into something bigger.


Or in this case, let go of all of its illusions - Safety, Security, Comfort, Control.


If you feel that voice active inside of you right now...

just give it a little recognition, praise, thanks, honor & gratitude.


Acknowledge its purpose of protection, THANK it, & tell it to *move the hell over* because this WOWman is READY TO AWAKEN!



Autonomy in yourSelf.


Sovereignty in your body.



Endless flow of abundance.


Orgasmic pleasure.


And the embodiment of your fierce femme.



Here's how you'll grow each week in AYDF:


Module 1: Healing Feminine Wounds + Highest Goddess Intimacy

This module is about clearing x healing the wounds of the feminine. You’ll be doing deep shadow work to move into a place of radical acceptance & receptivity. You'll learn how to somatically release emotion & triggers from the body to shed self sabotaging blocks.


Module 2: Masculine vs Feminine Energies + Leading From the Feminine

As you learn about masculine x feminine polarities, you’ll release the unhealed, wounded expressions of both to create deep body awareness. In working with your inner aspects, you will step into the embodiment of your desired feminine essence to lead with your body’s wisdom & integrate these teachings.


Module 3: Tapping Into Pleasure + Feeding Your Eroticism

Mmmm. This module is all about pleasure. You’ll let go of the beliefs x programs that have held you back from your true erotic, sensual expression. You’ll get to know your body like never before to expand into freedom x embodied bliss.


Module 4: Getting out of Your Head & Into Your Body + Womb/Yoni Healing

A turning point for you & your human experience. You’ll learn about the power of your pu$$y & how to alchemize energy to release shame, trauma & judgment. The magic is in your homeplay embodiment practices that will bring you into your sacral, sexual power.


Module 5: Following Your Inner Seasons & Wisdom + Connecting to Your Intuition

Come home to your body’s intuition & re-integrate womb wisdom. Your hormones are your superpower & your body is always talking to you. You’ll learn how to listen, respond & go even higher in your purpose & creations with these codes. 


Module 6: New Sexual Expressions + Erotic Blueprints

In learning & expanding your erotic blueprints, you’ll be able to have better sex & surprise yourself x lovers in speaking their sexual language. You’ll heal the shadow aspects of your sexuality that have kept you shutdown & out of authentic expression to open yourself for turn on by, well, everything ;)


Module 7: Fostering Healthy Relationships + Anchoring Your Sense of Self

Relationship expansion! Module 7 will take you from unhealthy, maybe even codependent patterns, to epic love & a strong, anchored sense of self. In this process, you will heal your inner masculine to have deeper intimacy & connection with lovers x friends.


Module 8: Divine Feminine Archetypes + Goddess Rituals

Integrating the divine feminine archetypes will create unshakeable self trust & knowing. You’ll be guided into goddess rituals & practices to stay in your body & out of the head. As you open your heart & throat, expect MORE of your manifestations coming to life in real time.






Paid In Full

  • 8 module proven methodology
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Weekly Goddess Homeplay Rituals
  • BONUS: Access to
    Gut Ed  ($997 value)
    6 Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, and give you clarity x confidence on what works for your body.


DIY AYDF - Installment Plan

$1600 x 2

every 4 weeks

  • 8 module proven methodology
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Weekly Goddess Homeplay Rituals
  • BONUS: Access to
    Gut Ed  ($997 value)
    6 Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, and give you clarity x confidence on what works for your body.


1:1 Coaching + AYDF


Paid In Full

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching
  • 8 module proven methodology
  • (8) 60 min coaching calls
  • Voxer Support
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Weekly Goddess Homeplay Rituals
  • BONUS: Access to
    Gut Ed  ($997 value)
    6 Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, and give you clarity x confidence on what works for your body.


1:1 Coaching + AYDF - Installment Plan

$4000 x 2

2 payments (every 4 weeks)

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching
  • 8 module proven methodology
  • (8) 60 min coaching calls
  • Voxer Support
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Weekly Goddess Homeplay Rituals
  • BONUS: Access to
    Gut Ed  ($997 value)
    6 Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, and give you clarity x confidence on what works for your body.

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Before AYDF I was feeling uber disconnected from myself, stuck in patterns of people pleasing, shame around my sexuality and expressing the feminine parts of me, and desperately stuck in masculine energies that were keeping me in the hamster wheel of exhaustion, worry, control, anxiety, and lack of clarity around who I was, where I desired my biz to go, and honestly what I want in life. Attending the weekly calls, gaining support from the MAGICAL facebook group filled with so much support + love, and integrating the practices we learned in each module into my life has TRANSFORMED the way I am showing up. After AYDF (and through it!) -- I am putting myself first, not only listening to my intuition but acting upon it after she gives me the nudge, feeling safe to slow the fuck down, and confident + embodied in who I am, at my core (flirty, grounded, playful, curious, accepting, all the magical things) AND am also able to pivot & process when I meet shadow aspects of me, accordingly ❤️

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AYDF opened so many beautiful doors for me. Hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself <3 I now feel more powerful in ALL AREAS of my life, and for sure it translated most highly in my business.

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The time I spent working with Julianne has been incredibly transformational. When I initially started working with her I was discerning a lot in my life, including: old programming, relationships, fears, and overall wanting to deepen the relationship I have with myself. I felt super scared to invest in myself though as soon as I talked to her, and I felt so engaged by her, her really digging my desire to deepen into self-love, I knew my choice was made. Areas of my life that we have worked on are relational patterns, fear around using my voice, addressing feelings of shame around sex and self-pleasure, and developing a healthier relationship with my feminine. Since working with her, so much change has occurred in my life. I ended a long-term relationship that wasn’t serving me anymore, up-leveled to a new job, more money, new city and apartment (I finally live alone! A dream of mine). I have felt more pleasure, joy, and confidence in my yummy Goddessness more now than ever. If you have any seedling of desire in working with JV, honor and listen to that “yes.”

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For so long I wasn't allowing myself to receive the tools in order to really move forward in my passions. there were many blockages to my abundance that were waiting for me. I really focused on this AYDF journey because I deserve it!! I feel so empowered as a woman with the strength that I feel and the genuine relationship to my yoni I now have. sexually I am more powerful than ever. I am able to hear my body & live in harmony.

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Me and the guy I started seeing have worked through a lot of what I came into AYDF struggling with. I went from being timid and afraid of sex to being a 'sexual deviant' as he says. AYDF has helped a lot with getting me to this point <3

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Coming into AYDF I knew I was going to move through discomfort and learn more about myself but little did I know how big those changes were going to be.  It wasn’t until this program I truly understood that if I am not reflecting inward, loving myself, holding myself accountable then I’m not truly showing up in my relationships in my most authentic self. I’ve never given myself permission to seek this inner woman/goddess that I know I am and meant to be and have always say with this stuck feeling which lead to resentment towards others. I know this next chapter is truly going to be transformative, I’m happy and nervous but know deep down this is exactly where I need to be! So happy to be here in this amazing program/group.