I wouldn’t be here
without my story....

And neither would you. Below I’ll take you with me through the short-cut version of my journey. So you too can feel it in your bones -- the realness of possibility.

We all have a story of transformation.

Here's mine.

Julianne Vaccaro is a women's Health & Life Coach, CHHC, AADP from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She started her journey chasing perfection, believing the dream body would give her everything she wanted & needed. She dove into the world of holistic nutrition & experimented with different ways of eating.

After being 100% organic & raw vegan for 3 years, she found herself with severe adrenal insufficiency - learning the lesson that healthy eating & rigidity does not equal optimal health. After healing her adrenals & finding her way back to health, she decided to chase aesthetics even further, this time through movement. Julianne went through YTT to complete her RYT-200 from Wendy Fit Yoga & began teaching Hatha Yoga in conjunction with boxing & kickboxing. She then discovered the world of bodybuilding & the NPC. Julianne competed in bikini & figure competitions for 3 years while she taught at UFC Gym & created an in person training business.


While competing, she found herself experiencing eating disorders she thought she had kicked, while the relationship she had with her Self & body greatly declined. Not only did her relationship to food suffer, she developed extreme hormonal imbalances (amenorrhea) & digestive issues. Julianne found herself at a crossroads & decided it was finally time to chose herSelf; to come into Love. The years after competing entailed massive healing on the physical level - rebalancing hormones, healing her gut & learning to intuitively eat WITHOUT sacrificing her physique, while finding balance in fitness. J began to dive deeper into personal development & spiritual healing to deepen the transformation as she discovered the link between this & food. She has been through the Spiritual Psychology program from the University of Santa Monica.

Growing up with physical & emotional abuse, she found herself in intimate partnerships with the same patterns. Through these relationships she collected more & more trauma, in both her heart & body. After an extreme ending with one of those relationships, she found herself cracked wide open to heal the deep memories & stories of the past. While all the emotional & spiritual work was helping, she had a knowing that the release needed to come from the body. This led her into different healing modalities to clear the armor she had built around her heart, including Somatic Sexology. This work immediately became her passion & path as she experienced the deepest, most transformative healing she ever had before.

She is now a Certified Somatic Sexologist Practitioner from The Hudson Institute & combines all of her trainings, education & experience into her methodology called the Goddess Approach™. Julianne has multiple programs & healing offers within the Goddess Approach™ to help women heal the deepest layers of their soul to reclaim their health, embody pleasure, & create their dream life in a body they love. She helps you reclaim your power on every level of you who are to clear away the noise, access your full potential & live out your purpose - fully embodied.

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