Well, hey there!

Welcome to the internet version of my Pussy Palace. I say internet version because my home takes that title. And so does my WiFi ;)

For a ‘formal’ intro…

My name is Julianne Vaccaro, and I’m a Somatic Sexologist, Spiritual Mentor & Women’s Holistic Health x Life Coach. I help powerful, purpose-driven women self heal, awaken their feminine, and come home to their body to reclaim an abundant life of freedom & pleasure.

Sometimes I can’t even believe I do this for a living!

When I type those words & see my name next to them, I seriously need to pinch myself.

Mainly for the following reasons…

A. I used to cry on demand at the thought or actuality of a sex conversation.

B. I spent YEARS at war with my body. No exaggeration. I’ll explain that in a bit.

C. I have a history of abuse. Childhood & intimate relationships. Physical, emotional, and sexual.

D. I lived my life in my masculine polarity and did everything from this place. Helloooo tension.

E. I came from a family that didn’t talk about sex, consciousness or feelings.



So, if you have any of the above stories...fear not, sister.

You’re not alone and it’s ALL possible.

Yes, for YOU.

I’m going to share a bit more about my journey for two reasons...

Reason 1 - I really want you to know me. Because I really want to get to know you. And for that to happen, we need to feel each other. So let’s go vulnerability. I’ll start.


Reason 2 - I know you’ll find pieces of yourself in my story. And that’s important because things will start to activate inside of you and awaken the pieces that have been forgotten. You’ll see a version of what’s possible for you in this lifetime and begin to dream up your very own yummy vision.

For starters, my story has been one of those ‘breakdowns before the breakthroughs’ kind of thing.


Like my human design reader told me, I’m here to share my voice in a powerful way that changes the trajectory of experience. To do so, that requires gathering the best stories and experience.


With channels of curiosity and struggle, I have the honor of going through hard challenges to dive in, internalize, learn, heal, mutate, and then go out into the world to share x teach.


[How much do you already resonate with this?!]

Growing up I felt hella out of place. Like a big outsider to everything and everyone around me. I was kinda like the black sheep, ya know?

I came from the perfect family.

My brother, valedictorian and real life rocket scientist. My sister, a music teacher, married with three beautiful children. Mom, nurse. Dad, accountant and fireman.

So, "why me?"

…A question I asked myself for a long time.


Over the years and countless hours doing ‘the work,’ I learned a lot. Like…

my family wasn’t perfect, even though they did the best they could.

there wasn’t anything wrong with me, I just had a fuck ton of spiritual curriculum to undergo.

my past wasn’t something I needed to be stuck in - it was actually just the blueprint for my purpose.

I also learned that love doesn’t = pain.

I realized I was the creator of my reality, but my traumas and limiting beliefs were running the show.

And it took me a lot of ‘falls’ to wake up.

And when the, "Who the f are you doing this for?" question arose from deep within, I knew it was time to wake up.

  • I balanced my hormones, regulated my cycle x symptoms, and healed my amenorrhea.
  • I beat my eating disorders and body dysmorphia.
  • I recovered my gut health after food intolerances, restrictive dieting, and years of junk food binges.
  • I learned how to intuitively eat with total freedom and keep the physique I love.
  • I kicked the substances and found daily practices.


This set me on a path of self discovery and learning.
It opened up the space to dive deeper into personal growth and development.

And then, I had the biggest fall yet.

[Another] abusive relationship that ended with betrayal, sexual trauma, and dissociation from my body.

It took this experience to wake up the next layer, crack me open, and REALLY look inside.


You know that whole, ‘peel the onion back layer by layer’ kind of thing?


PSA: Healing really does happen this way.


Another layer of growth handed to me on a shiny, silver platter.

"Here, J, hold this. From here you will unravel the web of everything you are not, to return back to the Truth Of Who You Are."

[Thank you.]

It’s from these bittersweet, revolutionary moments we come ALIVE.

It led me deeper into my purpose.

Into my sexual shame x trauma x judgements.


Unlocking everything I had kept under.

I held it.

I got really real with myself.

On all fronts.


Not because I had to.

But because I chose to.


And from that point forward,

my narrative changed.


I no longer played victim.

I owned my story and my choices.

I went on a deep ass path of self discovery and excavation.

I, with no hesitation, did everything I could to create the freedom and life I desired.


Most importantly, I held the damn belief.

That it was possible. And possible for ME.


No. Matter. What.


Instead of chasing perfection, I made Remembering my mission. And I went to the ends of the Earth to take back my freedom and step into absolute embodiment.

Spoiler alert:

It is possible to have everything you want and more. And not with the energy of sacrifice and force. But from Love, Feminine Flow, Divine Knowing, & Truth.

Which brings me to my ‘title’ & ‘work’ today…


I studied and continue to study Spiritual Psychology, Somatic Sexology, Female Embodiment, & Sacred Sexuality.


I guide women to Reclaim their power on every level and every layer of Who They Really Are through my founded methodology the Goddess Approach™.


This is more than coaching.

It’s more than health.

More than business.

More than I ever knew was possible.


It’s beyond words.


It’s about reclaiming the lost parts of your soul and reminding you of your Wholeness.


…Of all who you are in Truth.

It’s about your Goddess.

Your Wild Woman.

Your Sacred Slut.

Your Maiden.


It’s about all the archetypes of the Divine Feminine & resurrecting your voice.


Because when you are in your Knowing, everything opens for you.


More money.

More freedom.

More sex.

More pleasure.

More joy.


More. More. More.


Yes, more.


You’re allowed to ask for more.

And you’re allowed to be more.


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