Awaken Your
Divine Feminine

The 8-module online course to help you reclaim your erotic goddess, come home to your body's wisdom, & soften into your power.

Hi! I’m Julianne.

Are you ready to awaken your divine feminine
& finally have it all...without force, sacrifice or settling?

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You’ve tried hard for so long to be the “good girl,” to be action-driven, to be an “independent woman.”
  • You’re always trying to be “not too much”: skinny but not too skinny, sexy but not too sexy, successful but not too successful…
  • You’ve been in touch with your masculine side, & only your masculine side, for a long time. Always a DO-er, not a BE-er.
  • You feel out of alignment with your own body, even trapped inside it. In fact, it feels like your body is working against you. You might have irregular, painful periods, hormonal imbalances, and more stress than you’d like to admit.
  • You have difficulty relaxing & experiencing pleasure in life + expressing your erotic self. You may have sexual fear, guilt & shame…even pain or numbness during sex.
  • You know there’s so much more out there…& you’re ready to let the abundance come flooding in.

Imagine if...

  • You had intense, delicious pleasure in your sex life & through self-touch.
  • You manifested your deepest desires in business, love, friendship, & life.
  • You had intense, delicious pleasure in your sex life & through self-touch.
  • You manifested your deepest desires in business, love, friendship, & life.
  • You knew, deep in your bones, who you really are — a divine, ever so deserving Goddess — ready to show up in the world as your empowered, free, & fully-f*cking-expressed self.

This is what’s on the other side of Awaken Your Divine Feminine.

I’m here to remind you that you can have it all.

Awaken Your Divine Feminine is the course to guide you to your inner goddess and welcome in all the success & wealth & love you desire — without the sacrifice of self. Join me on an 8-module journey to find your fierce femme dive into the self.

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Success Stories

I’ve been there before…

I know what it feels like to be “not enough” & “too much” all at the same time. I know what it feels like to think your feminine side is weaker, lesser, powerless. I used to reject my feminine…all the while deeply desiring more. More love & connection, more acceptance & belonging, more success & financial freedom, more impact & power.  

But when I finally embraced my inner feminine & felt what it was like to be an embodied woman? Everything changed. 

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* 8 module proven methodology for healing the
past, discovering pleasure, and connecting
with your divine feminine

*Weekly Goddess Homeplay Rituals

BONUS: Access to Gut Ed ($997 value!):
6-Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, and give you clarity
x confidence on what works for your body.

Installment Plan:

$1600 x 2

Paid every 4 Weeks

* 8 module proven methodology for healing the past, discovering pleasure, and connecting with your divine feminine

*Weekly Goddess Homeplay Rituals

BONUS: Access to Gut Ed ($997 value!):
6-Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, and give you clarity x confidence on what works for your body.

Hey there, sweetness. ;)

Did you just cringe when I said that?

I know the previous me would have! I used to link sweetness to weakness. And in my younger-minded-self, sweetness was what women were.

See, growing up, I thought “femininity” was all about submission. About taking a back seat to the man of the house & giving away all of my power. So, I rejected it. 

But as I tried so damn hard in every area of my life while neglecting my feminine, things were actually working AGAINST me.

I had pain during S-E-X, hormonal imbalances that made me feel CRAZY, sleep issues (but fatigue was only for complainers, right?), weight gain (because I was lazy, obviously!), period problems from every direction (hello, irritability & mood swings). 

I also had relationship mayhem, anxiety, eating disorders, substance-abuse, & WAY too much tolerance for abusive relationships…

All that resistance, doubt, & fear was showing up in every aspect of my life.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

Then, one day, I experienced what it feels like to be an Embodied Woman, in her power; soft but fierce, & ‘turned on’.

I allowed Her to flow through me. I surrendered to Her magic. I let go of control. And everything, for some crazy, weird, universally-aligned reason, just started to COME TO ME.

The Universe wants us to have it all. Because we deserve it all. We were born to THRIVE, not just survive. This life is meant to be enjoyed, celebrated, surrendered to, & loved. That’s why I created this program - so you could feel the magic of your divine feminine too.

Peek Inside
the Program

Week 1: Healing Feminine Wounds + Highest Goddess Intimacy

This week is all about clearing & healing the wounds of the feminine. You’ll do deep shadow work to move into a place of radical acceptance & receptivity. You'll learn how to somatically release emotion & triggers from the body to shed self-sabotaging blocks.

Week 2: Masculine vs Feminine Energies + Leading From the Feminine

As you learn about masculine & feminine polarities, you’ll release the unhealed, wounded expressions of both to create deep body awareness. In working with your inner aspects, you’ll step into the embodiment of your desired feminine essence to lead with your body’s wisdom & integrate these teachings.

Week 3: Tapping Into Pleasure + Feeding Your Eroticism

Mmmm. This week is all about pleasure. You’ll let go of the beliefs & programs that have held you back from your true erotic, sensual expression. You’ll get to know your body like never before to expand into freedom & embodied bliss.

Week 4: Getting out of Your Head & Into Your Body + Womb/Yoni Healing

A turning point for you & your human experience. You’ll learn about the power of your pu$$y & how to alchemize energy to release shame, trauma & judgment. The magic is in your homeplay embodiment practices that will bring you into your sacral, sexual power.

Week 5: Following Your Inner Seasons & Wisdom + Connecting to Your Intuition

Come home to your body’s intuition & re-integrate womb wisdom. Your hormones are your superpower & your body is always talking to you. You’ll learn how to listen, respond & go even higher in your purpose & creations with these codes.

Week 6: New Sexual Expressions + Erotic Blueprints

In learning & expanding your erotic blueprints, you’ll be able to have better sex & surprise yourself and your lovers by speaking their sexual language. You’ll heal the shadow aspects of your sexuality that have kept you shutdown & out of authentic expression to open yourself for turn on by, well, everything.

Week 7: Fostering Healthy Relationships + Anchoring Your Sense of Self

Relationship expansion! Week 7 will take you from unhealthy, maybe even codependent patterns, to epic love & a strong, anchored sense of self. In this process, you will heal your inner masculine to have deeper intimacy & connection with lovers and friends.

Week 8: Divine Feminine Archetypes + Goddess Rituals

Integrating the divine feminine archetypes will create unshakeable self trust & knowing. You’ll be guided into goddess rituals & practices to stay in your body & out of the head. As you open your heart & throat, expect MORE of your manifestations coming to life in real time!


Getting all of the things you’re meant to have in this lifetime with ease, not force.

Choosing yourself, time & time again, and being rewarded for the choice.

Feeling grounded in your center even when the rest of the world is in chaos.

Endless flow of abundance, autonomy, authenticity, orgasmic pleasure, & more.

More satisfied clients

Coming into AYDF I knew I was going to move through discomfort and learn more about myself but little did I know how big those changes were going to be.  It wasn’t until this program I truly understood that if I am not reflecting inward, loving myself, holding myself accountable then I’m not truly showing up in my relationships in my most authentic self.


Me and the guy I started seeing have worked through a lot of what I came into AYDF struggling with. I went from being timid and afraid of sex to being a 'sexual deviant,' as he says. AYDF has helped a lot with getting me to this point <3 


I feel so empowered as a woman with the strength that I feel and the genuine relationship to my yoni I now have. Sexually I am more powerful than ever. I am able to hear my body & live in harmony.


The time I spent working with Julianne has been incredibly transformational…Since working with her, so much change has occurred in my life….I have felt more pleasure, joy, and confidence in my yummy Goddessness more now than ever. If you have any seedling of desire in working with JV, honor and listen to that 'yes.'


AYDF opened so many beautiful doors for me. Hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself <3 I now feel more powerful in ALL AREAS of my life, and for sure it translated most highly in my business.


Before AYDF I was feeling uber disconnected from myself, stuck in patterns of people pleasing, shame around my sexuality and expressing the feminine parts of me, and desperately stuck in masculine energies…..After AYDF — I am putting myself first, not only listening to my intuition but acting upon it after she gives me the nudge, feeling safe to slow the fuck down, and confident + embodied in who I am, at my core (flirty, grounded, playful, curious, accepting, all the magical things) ❤️


Soften into your intuition & body’s wisdom.

I truly believe that you are your own best master, guide, lover, friend, & healer. Yes, we need others - community, sisterhood, & partners to support us and remind us of the truth of who we are. But at the end of the day, your intuition is probably telling you exactly where you need to go & what path you need to follow. Your intuition is letting you know whether it’s time for you to awaken your divine feminine, step into your pu$$y power, experience the flow of abundance & success that you desire, and finally soften into the goddess you are. 

The question is, are you ready to listen to it?

frequently asked questions

I don't live in the same time zone or in the US, can I still join?

100%! The more diverse the better. I've had clients from ALL over the world (Aussie, NZ, Germany, London, Iceland & more!). We welcome you with open arms. <3

If I can't make a zoom call, will there be a replay?

YES, Goddess! All calls will be recorded & available for replay as part of the course so you never miss a thing.

I'm nervous to be in a group of women. HALP.

Girl, this is MORE of a reason for you to jump in. I used to have this fear, too. But nothing changed until I changed my actions — like leaning into the things I knew would stretch me out of my old patterns & into my Highest Self!

Is this course available to take at any time?

This course is offered on a launch basis, but shoot me an email at [email protected] if you’re curious about taking it!

I have a question that's not listed here, how can I get to you?

Shoot me an email at [email protected] & we've got you covered.

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